F*** manifestos

Living in Seattle and working in tech is a grand gesture of contradiction.

Green pastures, white snow capes and original culture invite, incite and demand artistic lifestyle, hippie-born fondness,  nature-loving, all-embracing eschatology of calmness, Buddhist peacefulness and non-aggression.

In its essence, everything that technology is not.

The Emerald City that prides itself to be a quiet retreat from consumerism is the consumer's ultimate dream.

The untainted naivet√©, that in the end might be right. Adolescence that is never growing into the adulthood. Becoming that has not been engrossed by being. Freshness that has not being devoured. America that has not elected Trump. Weimar that has never become the Republic.

And what is the Republic then? What is the dominant force of our society, elected by everyone and wanted everywhere? Where is the lifestyle that it is so endlessly repeated by media, that it becomes sought after and replicated not just in its motherland, but across the world in tiny coffee shops, swamped garages and comfortably abandoned old factory buildings? If our polarized world has a new Mekka, than it is the shiny, sunny, making-the-world-a-better-place city of San-Francisco. The shiny dildo for the best and smartest. The place where the world goes to find solutions. The oasis for free, liberated and courageous. The paradise of innovation and money that has never been lost.  The place where the cultural dictionary of the world is being created. The new oppression by the non-oppressed.

If the world had to turn San-Francisco in the idol of all things right (alongside evictions, rising prices and crime), than it had to create something in opposition. And of course that opposition could exist only within the boundaries of that same developed, privileged world. Our inner strive for dichotomy demands a Joker for every Batman, a slump next to every skyscraper, a rising hero next to an old guard.

Seattle is not that.

In techno-nature delirium, in stars and stripes, in rain, in clouds, in hyperlocality, in language, in oppositions to heteronormative structures Seattle creates something that does not oppose. In the demand for response it encourages not to respond. Instead, it accepts, liberates and embraces. All that in a comfort of joint non-caring.

Seattle is as much about Seattle, as it is not about this city, this country and this culture itself. Seattle is the idea, that permeates space and nationality. And Melancholy is the feeling that it creates, generates and thrives on.

It is in this environment, that we found the freedom and space to think of the world; and conceive a new one. It is this non-place that gave us the liberty to observe from the distance, be involved, but not immersed, be judgmental, but not judged.

Every Manifesto is a gesture and if we are to make one, then the seductive, engrossing, melancholically all-embracing deconstruction is these pages' ultimate gesture.

If we are to give a comment to the problems of design, technology and culture, than this is our question.

If we are to make a statement, than Settle Melancholy is our prominent and blatant understatement.


This is Seattle Melancholy.

F*** manifestos.

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